Today’s text/email sent to drivers by 707 is an insult. Apparently 707 has negotiated a raise of only 35 cents starting October, and only 25 cents per year after that. Even worse, there are NO improvements in PTO or health insurance, and no on-call pay for road drivers. This is the worst contract any union has ever negotiated at Hallcon.

UE believes drivers are worth more. We have proposed the following to Hallcon:

1. All drivers will earn $15/hr by the end of the contract. Senior drivers should get longevity pay.

2. All drivers should have access to quality, affordable medical insurance.

3. Road drivers should receive full on-call pay.

4. All drivers should receive substantial increases in paid days off.

We have already won several new protections and rights for drivers, including that drivers may choose not to operate any unsafe van.

When we unite as one strong, national union we won’t have to accept the nickels and dimes Hallcon is offering 707. Let’s come together and fight for the contract we deserve! Vote UE starting the week of August 13!

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