On Friday August 30, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced the results of our union election: 181 votes for UE, 52 votes for 707, and 13 votes for no union. That means UE wins!

(In addition, 76 ballots were challenged and not counted. We believe that most of these voters were UE supporters. These ballots will not be opened because they are not enough to change the outcome of the election .)

Congratulations to all of the drivers who worked hard to take this giant step toward winning the wages benefits and rights all Hallcon drivers deserve. 


Now we begin the process of preparing for bargaining with Hallcon. Early next week you will receive a link to an online contract survey. Please fill this out so that you can help determine what proposals are put forth in negotiations. In addition, you will recieve instructions on how to vote for your negotiating committee representatives. 

We invite all drivers – regardless of how you voted in the election – to join together as one and get involved in the effort to win a good contract. In addition to the negotiating committee, we will be seeking volunteers to be part of the Contract Support Committee. This committee will help make sure all drivers have their voices heard as part of the bargaining process.