1.  You will receive your ballot on the week of August 13.  Fill out your ballot and mail it back the same day you get it. 

2.  Mark the LEFT hand box with an “X” to vote for UE

3.  DO NOT sign or write any marks on your ballot.

4.  Once you have marked your ballot, place it in the BLUE envelope and seal it. DO NOT sign or write any other marks on the BLUE envelope.

5.  Then place the blue envelope in the YELLOW return envelope and seal it. 

6.  SIGN in the box on the back of the YELLOW envelope ACROSS the seal.  Your ballot WILL NOT COUNT if you don’t sign in the box.

7.  Mail the self-addressed stamped yellow envelope as soon as possible.  If you wait too long, your vote may not count.  You do not need a stamp. 

8. Call UE at (312) 434-0369 if you have any questions.