What you need to know about National Production Workers Local 707:


National Production Workers Local 707 is known as a “company union.” 

This means that 707 is brought in by employers who wish to keep their employees from organizing a real union in their workplace. A “company union” may create the impression that it is fighting for its members, but in the end it will comply with the employer’s wishes.

Local 707 is the smallest, weakest national union in the country

Local 707 has 3623 members, according to Department of Labor filings. This makes them the smallest national union in the United States. Even worse, 707 reported negative $1,127,646 in net assets in their 2017 LM-2 filings with the federal government. In fact, 73% of your dues dollars go to paying off 707’s debts.

707 has a history of corruption. 

National Production Workers Local 707 was started by Dominic Senese, a Chicago Mafia member, in order to control the produce markets in Chicago. After he was shot in the head with a shotgun by another Mafia member, Local 707 was turned over to his son, Joeseph Senese, who earned over $500,000 per year until his retirement last year. Now his son, Joe “Vincent” Senese, runs Local 707.

And your dues money lines the Senese family pockets, instead of going to fight for you