Contract summary

Before the ContractAfter the Contract
Raises are rare. In 2009, Hallcon attempted to freeze all wage increases. Forming the Union, drivers broke the freeze and have secured raises each year since.
Overtime was given to friends of the supervisor or not at all.Drivers demanded rules for fair distribution of overtime through their contract.
No paid time off. You didn’t work, you didn’t get paid.Drivers have won paid time off, family and medical rights, paid jury leave, and time and one half if you drive on a holiday.
At-will employment. Drivers could be fired at any time. No considerations of seniority.Drivers can only be disciplined or fired with just cause. In the event of layoffs, drivers with seniority are protected.
No grievance procedure. Drivers have little ability to challenge the boss’s decisions.Grievance procedure. Grievances can be filed around any failure to follow the contract, decisions can be appealed, and impasses can be brought to arbitration. Union stewards support drivers every step of the way.
No rest time for road drivers. Drivers forced to work when fatigued, even if it’s unsafe.Protected 9-hour rest period for road drivers who’ve been on the board for 12 hours. Drivers who face fatigue on the road are entitled room and board to rest at the Company’s expense.
Drivers called on their days off, could be disciplined for not picking up.Drivers do not need to answer on their days off.