Contract Campaign Update 3: A Message from the UE Bargaining Committee at Hallcon

On Thursday, August 4th, representatives from UE and Hallcon met for 8 hours for virtual bargaining. The Company appears to be stepping up and actually bargaining over our proposals now that they have assigned an attorney to their side. The Company made some small agreements to some UE proposals. We spent half the day bringing the attorney up to speed on our issues, then we caucused.

A caucus is when the two groups break up into a union meeting and a company meeting. The Union developed a full counter, which means we listened to places they told us they might agree to some provisions we are proposing, and we crafted it into Union Proposal #3. That ended the day.

We went into the meeting with no dates set for future bargaining, now we have 7 set. We go back again on Monday, August 8th.

We did make some tentative agreements (TAs). We are hoping to continue this process on Monday.

The Union is standing strong on van safety, hours, meal periods, fatigue, discipline and discharge, drivecam, health and safety, railroad ban, limits to OOA, and training.

We need members to pass the word in their areas, we are standing strong. The Union intends to Banner in multiple areas the week of August 21st. Please message your CSC, BC or Staff to get involved.