Help Stop Hallcon From Shredding Our Contract!

Did you know, Hallcon thinks it can fire you if you receive two chargeable letters (like the one below) in 6 months or 3 letters in 3 years. Most drivers never receive the letter because Hallcon mails them to the drivers home. Hallcon believes the letter is not discipline, and they don’t need to give you a write up for getting the letter. Their attorneys recently wrote this to the Union:

“As you will see when you review, no language is provided in these two articles [Articles 11 and 25] that could reasonably support the view that the ‘chargeable letter program,’ and ‘accidents and incidents policy,’ which monitor and regulate the safety of employees, non-employees, and safeguards the company property, could be a violation of the just cause standards.”

The Union thinks otherwise and all letters should have grievances filed once you receive one. Make sure that you know if you have a “Chargeable Letter” in your file.

Don’t Delay, Take Action Today:

1.) Write to Linda Boehm at and request a copy of your entire employee file. When you receive it back, check for any Chargeable Letters. If you have one in your file, call a steward and grieve it immediately.

2.) Call your UE Steward with any questions.

3.) Call Hallcon today at 800-878 -0450 and leave a message for HR. Tell them to stop using their Chargeable Letter program in their Handbook. Tell them the UE Hallcon is a legally binding document, not the Handbook.