Contract Campaign Update 5: A Message from the UE Bargaining Committee at Hallcon

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The Union and the Company completed the sixth day of bargaining on August 17th, 2022.

Hallcon owed the Union a first response on wages. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and getting down to business, Hallcon decided to burn up the day with discussion about how the Union was “playing games” and not being realistic.

In every bargaining session, some subjects are difficult to work through. The pressure is now on the Company to give the Union a first wage and benefit offer, and the clock is ticking. We are still waiting for their opening offer, three days later.

The UE signaled to Hallcon bargainers a pathway on wages, seeking to raise all areas up to and over $15/hour by the end of the contract, with those areas at or above $15/hour now seeing significant increases over the life of the contract. Hopefully someone on their side is actually listening or reading this.

Hallcon spent much time talking about how they wanted credit for the mid-term wage increases that some drivers have received in the past two years.

The UE is not in the business of giving credit nor glad-handing. Many of the past location rate increases “given” by the Company have been created in a one-sided manner. Hallcon needs to understand that the Union and the Company have different wage preferences. Hallcon decided who got raises and who did not. Many drivers in areas raised up thought the raises were unfair. The Union seeks to change this equation.

“The UE has stated many times to Company officials, that drivers across the country believe the longer you work for this Company, the more you should make per hour,” said Kelly Patterson, Local 977 Bargaining Committee Representative out of Galveston Texas. “And the Company seems to believe the opposite. It appears like they think drivers that have served this outfit are no different than the brand-new driver,” he added. “I am relatively new to Hallcon, I want a raise, but I also want a path to a decent paying job. That path may be here if we can get the Company on board,” Kelly added.

UE’s bargaining committee remains committed to obtaining significant raises for all drivers in all parts of the country. “We know to achieve big raises, drivers are going to need to step up and support,” said Cedric Whelchel, Local 1177 Bargaining Committee Representative out of Chicago IL.

UE Locals will be holding banner events in San Bernardino/West Colton, CA; Belen, NM; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; and Crestline, OH, on August 22nd-26th. We encourage all drivers to support the activities if you are in the vicinity. Drivers not close to those areas are encouraged to wear their union buttons.