Hallcon Drivers are stepping up to fight for Dollars, not Dimes!

Your bargaining committee prepares for negotiations to start.

The results are in and drivers by the hundreds from Los Angeles CA to Oak Island NJ, Houston TX to Proctor MN and everywhere in between filled out their surveys and added all sorts of great ideas for contract proposals. No big surprise, the number one issue on most everyone’s mind is bigger raises. Coming in at number 2 is more paid vacation and PTO and number 3 was tied between retirement and more respect and dignity from the Company.

Drivers at Hallcon have a 10-person bargaining committee that has spent multiple days, reading survey responses, talking with drivers about concerns and drafting proposals. “We are ready to let this Company Hallcon know that our members are ready to fight for substantial raises. We sent out 2 surveys this Spring, and overwhelmingly said drivers are telling us they need large raises.” Said Larry Hopkins, President of UE Local 1177 and driver in Chicago IL.

In discussions leading up to the bargaining, a Contract Support Committee (CSC) was created. “We have over 300 people that have agreed to pass the word about bargaining”, Larry added. The Union seeks more CSC members in every yard across the country. If no one has signed up, please consider doing so today. Write to railcrewue@gmail.com today or speak with your local bargaining committee representative listed below.

“We all feel the pinch of prices of everything going up”, said Jessica Van Eman, President of UE Local 1477 and bargaining committee representative. “We worked through the pandemic and our members are clear, we need Halcon and the railroads to share what we help produce”, she added.

The kickoff of bargaining with Hallcon begins June 23rd and 24th in Southern California. Additional dates will be scheduled from there on out. The UE Bargaining committee asks all drivers to read the bargaining bulletins and notices coming out this Summer. “Our contract expires September 1, 2022 and we have so many things that we seek to improve in this contract”, said Vincent Graves, President of UE Local 1077 and bargaining committee representative. “We have been telling drivers, prepare for action because we are going to put forward an aggressive fight to improve wages, hours and working conditions at this company. We want Dollars not Dimes”, he added.

“We know that to truly make these jobs ones we can work at and stay, the Railroads need to pay Hallcon more. We intend on letting them know that we need Dollars, not Dimes” said Nandell Baines, President of UE Local 977. “We have been quietly talking with the railroader unions, they are in a fight of their own. We hope to group our efforts to support them while we ask for support in our cause”, she added. “Stay tuned, we have a fight ahead of us all, and it will take us all to get the contract we deserve”, Nandell added.

The Union will be regularly updating this webpage as well as our UE Rail Crew Drivers Facebook Group. No managers, supervisors, non-union employees allowed. The group is for Union Members only.

UE Bargaining Committee Contacts

LocalWork locationNamePhoneEmail
1177Chicago IL CorwithLarry Hopkins773.675.7933larry_hoppy@yahoo.com
1177Chicago IL CSX RiverdaleCedric Whelchel773-979-2399whelchel401@gmail.com
1177Chicago IL BNSF Cicero RoadClarence Hill773.706.2199clarencehill1177@gmail.com
1477Belen NM BNSFJessica VanEman505-681-7118cheesyjes10@gmail.com
1477Belen NMMelissa Galbaldon-Martin505-208-5862Raiderslovermissy@gmail.com
977Houston, TX BNSFNandell Baines
977Galveston TXKelly Patterson409-9343019kpatterson@workmail.com
1077Fresno CA, BNSFVincent Graves559-835-2410vgraves39@gmail.com
1077West Colton, CADiana Martinez909-831-5368diana3kidz@gmail.com
716Crestline, OH CSXDoris Kissee419-569-0649dorisinez70@gmail.com
 UE StaffFernando Ramirez323-572-4668fernando.ramirez@ueunion.org
 UE StaffMarc Baca323-426-1462marc.baca@ueunion.org
 UE StaffJ Burger773-263-4341jburger@ueunion.org