Minimum Wage Grievance Update

In 2020 the Union filed a grievance, alleging the Company had been violating Article 35.11, and in many parts of the country. Turns out Hallcon agreed and granted the grievance. For too long, Hallcon said it did not have the ability to automatically track the trips and pay them at a higher rate. We will spare you the details, but the Union kind of never believed this was the case. Turns out we were right. Hallcon came to UE this Spring, just before an arbitration date, they said, we have found a way to automate the trip search and payment process as outlined in Article 35.11.

The Company provided the UE with an initial list of trips drivers made from June of 2019 through the present. If you want to know if you are one the list, we need you to take the following steps by July 25, 2022 in order to have your previous trips paid out.

1. Past trips:

A. Write to, request the list of trips. You will be responsible for reviewing the trips and reaching out to the Union with any missed trips. Once identified, we will send the additional trips on to the company to be paid.

B. Or call (312) 574-0733, leave your name, your phone number, your location that you work and the best time to get back to you.

C. Driver must have a date when the trip was taken. If you do not know, the Union will not know.

2. Future trips:

The Company will flag the trips, as required by the contract and will be paid the extra minimum wage difference within 2 pay periods of the trip being taken. The additional monies will be paid as retro, so keep a log of your trips to ensure you are being paid correctly.

The grievance settlement will be finalized this Summer, so please dig out those old notebooks and screen shots to make sure you will be paid.

Deadline to claim additional trips or to inquire about trips you will be paid is July 25, 2022. Don’t delay, act today.

Out of Area Drivers (OOA) Article 38 Grievance Update

The Union has filed multiple grievances on Hallcon for their bringing in out of area drivers, and then they favor these drivers over the regular drivers. Hallcon’s practice not only violated our contract, but it negatively affected road drivers hours.

Hallcon denied the grievance and the Union is pursuing it to arbitration. A date will be selected soon.

UE Stewards are encouraged to continue to file grievances when managers bring in out of area drivers and the OOA drivers are used first, which is a violation of the contract:



For drivers working away from Home Terminal-Out of Area (OOA): Drivers will be selected from the volunteer list in seniority order from the terminal specified by the Director of Operations. Management shall use and maintain a regular out of area (OOA) list to be used for each terminal. Drivers must request in writing to be on the OOA list or to be taken off the OOA list. Interested employees will be awarded the positions in seniority order on a terminal by terminal basis. The per diem for OOA drivers shall be no less than $30 per day.


For Drivers Working Away From Their Home Terminal: OOA drivers shall be used only after all regular drivers are unavailable, out of hours or on rest. OOA drivers shall continue to earn their regular rate of pay of their home terminal and shall continue to pay Union dues their home terminal Local Union.

OOA drivers must only be used after regular drivers are unavailable, out of hours or on rest. Stewards should put in information requests to challenge managements position that drivers are not answering phones or other crap that comes out of their mouths. Make sure you let your chief steward know you are filing the grievance and CC a copy to Questions, call (312) 574-0733