UE Drivers Banner Yards Across the Country to Demand Livable Wages

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Beginning on Wednesday, August 24th, drivers across the country took to their yards to tell the company that “the supply chain works because we do!” As our bargaining committee pushes the company for higher wages, better benefits, improved scheduling, van safety, and on-call pay, rank-and-file drivers are showing that they stand behind the committee and are ready to fight the company for improvements.

UE has effectively used bannering at Hallcon locations in the past. Bannering shows the Company that drivers are united and ready to take action to win their demands. Railroaders across the country have also expressed their solidarity with Hallcon drivers, and railroad executives are putting the pressure on Hallcon to come to an agreement and avoid any interruption in their service.

See bannering actions across the country below:

August 24th: Chicago, IL

UE Bargaining Committee members Cedric Whelchel and Larry Hopkins launch the fight on the first day of bannering!

August 25th: San Bernardino/West Colton, CA

Ready to fight!

August 26th: Houston, TX

Houston drivers began bannering at the BNSF South Yard. Expect more at the Galveston and Englewood UP yards next!

August 26th: Belen, NM

Contract Support Committee Member Barbara Boeske and Bargaining Committee Member Melissa Gabaldon-Martin stand up in New Mexico!

August 26th: Crestline, OH

Bargaining Committee Member Doris Kissee joins drivers Ray Young, Glayden Sharp, Mildred Ray, Sal Foti, Andrea Skaggs, and Robert Picking, in Crestline outside the CSX office to fight for better wages.

August 27th: Chicago, IL

Hallcon drivers gather outside the IHB Blue Island yard.
Cedric and Larry made the rounds on Saturday morning, bannering outside the CN yard before heading to Blue Island.

August 28th: Belen, NM

Drivers in Belen stand united!

Bannering locations:

  • August 24th: Chicago, IL;
  • August 25th: San Bernardino/West Colton, CA;
  • August 26th: Houston, TX; Belen, NM; Crestline, OH;
  • August 27th: Chicago, IL;
  • August 28th: Belen, NM;
  • August 29th: Galveston, TX;
  • September 2nd: Houston, TX.